About the Author

I'm a software developer who likes to lead and to dream. Over the course of my seven-year career I've worked at four startups, two of which I co-founded, and three of which continue to be successful (i.e. profitable, growing, or both). I decided to start this blog because I find myself to be increasingly opinionated on technology matters, and I just so happen to also enjoy venting my opinions occasionally. On the other hand, I have yet to determine whether or not people enjoy listening. :-) 

Here are some social media channels I frequent

And here are some articles I have written in the past

Note that the above is a partial list; I also wrote a few articles for webmonkey (on the JavaScript Event Model) but they took them down when they revamped the site, for some reason. Also note that these are quite old as I haven't had much time to write articles recently. Having said that, I'm all ears if you have any article ideas.

Lastly I should point out that I have authored a blog before. However I will be taking a different approach with this one; I intend to make it less detailed (read: shorter posts) and probably less technical (in most cases). I hope you'll enjoy my blog and find it useful. If you have any ideas, please share them with me by submitting a comment.

Thanks! Paul.